Power Transmission Pylons:

  • EL FOULADH has a long experience of more than 30 years in the design and manufacture of lattice towers for the transmission of electrical energy BT (8 to 10 m height with a head effort ranging from 150 to 1000 daN) and MT (12 to 15 m in height with a head stress of 300 to 3400 daN).
  • By producing more than 1.5 million metal supports, EL FOULADH has contributed to the electrification of most of the urban and rural areas of TUNISIA.
  • The metal supports we manufacture are made of welded round iron and then hot-dip galvanized with a minimum zinc layer of 70 microns
  • Our supports are of an easy assembly not requiring mechanical means.
  • Our supports are approved by the Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas.
  • Our company also has competent staff with a long experience in the design and manufacture of these types of supports.
  • Our workshops, specialized in these supports, also have a rather high manufacturing capacity.

Lighting pylons:

The lighting pylons have been developed in two directions:

  • The first is stadium lighting for training areas and competition stadiums.
  • The second concerns urban and rural lighting by supplying candelabras of different heights.

Metal frame:

The ELFOULADH type metal frames, compared to the classic structures (in profiles) offer certain advantages for the customer:

  • Higher rigidity and weaker deformations for the same resistance.
  • Light weight, hence low prices and very competitive.Volume of foundations reduced, hence the moderate cost of civil engineering.
  • Simple and fast assembly thanks to the simplicity and the reduced number of elements.
  • No maintenance thanks to the galvanization.

The vast experience gained by EL FOULADH in this area has allowed it to cover both in Tunisia and abroad a total of more than 1,000,000 m2.

Telecommunication Mats:

These masts were designed and delivered mainly for telecommunication antennas. Currently, EL FOULADH has produced self-stabilizing masts up to 100m high for satellite dishes or mesh. The possibilities of use are enormous: TV antennas, individual or collective billboards, etc ….