The Steelmaking plant

The steelmaking plant is equipped with two electric furnaces, a ladle furnace and three continuous casting
machines with two lines each:

  1. Electric Furnace N°1 , with tap spout, is equipped with a three-phase transformer 18 MVA, and an oxygen /
    carbon manipulator, it has a nominal capacity of 22 tons of liquid steel.
  2. Electric Furnace N°2 , with EBT, is equipped with a three-phase transformer of 18 MVA, , its nominal capacity
    is about  25 tons of liquid steel.
  3. Ladle Furnance is equipped with a three-phase transformer of 4 MVA.

The control system of the three furnaces is the latest technology based on API and Profibus industrial

Furnaces are equipped with control software and help with the control of the manufacturing process, from the
preparation of the scrap load, to the production of the billet.

Besides, the The steelmaking plant is equipped with annex sections such as the lime kiln and the Refractories

The theoretical capacity of the steelworks is 200,000 tons per year of billets of different
grades, 120x120mm and 3500 mm long.

The technical team of the steelworks is characterized by the effective coexistence between different generations
and it is motivated by the same objective namely, the continuous development of the steel mill on the technical
and technological level. This state of mind enabled him to take full charge of the new installations.