As part of our quality approach, we have always worked to consolidate our brand image and our position in the market by the sincere and real satisfaction of our customers.
This goal can not be achieved without the total trust of our customers in our ability to continuously obtain, maintain and improve the quality required for our products and services.

Our quality policy is based on:

  • Research and ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of our quality system (through an audit and periodic review system).
  • The control of our manufacturing processes as well as the correct use of our resources.
  • The development of skills and experience of our staff through training and retraining.
  • The analysis and the treatment of the complaints of our customers in order to satisfy them and to retain them.
  • The establishment of quality objectives by the management in collaboration with the General Management through the analysis of activity reports.


ELFOULADH concrete rounds are double certified:
  • Mandatory NT product certification, in accordance with Tunisian standard NT 26-05 (2004), granted by INNORPI.
  • A spontaneous NF-AFCAB product certification, in accordance with the French standard NFA 35-017 (2007), granted by the French Association of Certification of Reinforced Concrete Reinforcement and whose NF-AFCAB mark application regulations include the major part requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system.