This insurance covers the members of the general management and the personnel without any restriction against the personal accidents either during their professional life, or during their private life.

By accident, we must understand any bodily injury, unintentional on the part of the insured from the sudden action of an external cause and resulting in death or total or partial permanent disability.

The guarantee of this policy is extended to the whole world for the indemnities due in case of death or total or partial permanent disability, as well as for the medical and surgical expenses related to the guaranteed accidents.

As an indication, are covered the accidents occurring in particular:

  1. During any trip using the following means of locomotion:

  • Motor car or horse-drawn car driven by the insured or not, bicycle, moped, motorcycle, even with a cylinder capacity greater than 50 cm3 and any scooter whatever its capacity and as a passenger, all means of public transport of land travelers , fluvial, maritime and aerial.
  • As a result of attacks, attempts to rescue people or property, accidental asphyxiation by immersion, release of gas or vapor or electrocution.

  1. Accidents caused by burns or lightning

  2. Poisoning or burns, whether caused by poisonous or corrosive products mistakenly absorbed, or due to the criminal action of a third party.

  3. Infectious inoculations due to anatomical or septic stings, as well as insect or animal bites

  4. Accidents occurring during the practice of any type of sport.

  5. Sunstrokes, freezing and other effects of temperature.